8 Tips for Deterring Crime on Your Business Property
With our police forces under pressure from increasing violent crimes and social unrest, it is incumbent that business owners do more to protect their own property and well-being.

Here are 8 tips for deterring crime on your business property:

1. Install an Alarm System

If you don’t have an alarm system that covers all of the doors and windows of your business, get one. According to security experts, the cost of installing and monitoring an alarm system is well worth the expense.

If a criminal does attempt to break into a building, the alarm will immediately begin to sound off and in many cases frighten-off the intruder. For systems tied in with a central monitoring office, dispatchers can notify the police or send their own guards to investigate.

2. Install Cameras

In the same was to alarm systems deter burglars from targeting your business, surveillance cameras are just as effective. In fact, a building equipped with cameras is a larger threat to criminals. Not only are the cameras viewing real time action but they are also recording everything on tape to be played back later to identify the perpetrators and to use as evidence in court.

3. Light up your business

Most burglaries occur in the dark of night when businesses and commercial buildings are mostly empty of employees. By keeping the grounds surrounding large buildings like warehouses well lighted throughout the night, burglars are less prone to try and make entry.

Keeping store interiors well-lit during the night will also deter burglars who might hide out inside the store until everyone leaves. Motion-activated light fixtures are also available that will turn on the lights when someone moves inside the closed business.

4. Use Heavy-Duty Windows and Doors

Businesses with storefronts facing public sidewalks are especially prone to burglary attempts thorough broken windows and doors. By installing glass windows and doors designed to hold up better to hard contact, one failed attempt to smash through them can drive the culprit away.

Warehouses should have extra-strong loading doors to prevent burglars from crashing through them with trucks

5. Hire Patrol Guards

In most cases, simply having an armed security guard on duty is a great deterrent to crime. The common criminal will usually think twice about targeting a business when they know there are uniformed guards on the premises.

The human element of a professional trained guard who knows how to spot suspicious activity and react accordingly lets potential criminals know that you are serious about protecting your business.

6. Get a Guard Dog

The use of trained guard dogs to protect the perimeter of a fenced building is becoming more prevalent in the security world. One dog can cover an immense amount of territory, and their ability to see, smell and hear intruders far surpasses that of their human handlers.

Visions of a German Shepherd or another breed of guard dog viciously sinking their teeth into an arm or leg is enough to usually keep everyone away. Dogs are also being used to patrol the inside areas of stores and businesses during closed hours without the need for human handlers.

7. Install Secure Fences

Installing a high, strong fence around the perimeter of a building that is surrounded by loading areas and expanses of bare ground is a must as a first line of defense against intruders. Coupled with proper lighting and camera coverage, a well-constructed security fence can deter even the most hardened criminal element.

8. Use Quality Locks and Padlocks

All of the locks on outside entrances to a business should be double-cylinder deadbolts locks with removable collars. There should be at least a one-inch throw of hardened steel insert protected by a latch guard. Serial numbers should be hidden away to prevent others from making new keys.