Top 10 External Threats to Any Business

Although business owners often look to internal security threats, plenty of external threats exist that can cause serious damage and even lasting harm to any of the following:

– Buildings
– Infrastructure
– Transportation
– Employees
– Partners
– Customers
– Visitors

Additionally, your reputation and attached revenues might suffer if you fail to do as much as possible to safeguard your business against at least the below top threats.

International Terrorism

People in the United States who are sympathetic to any international terrorist group cause might target your business. On June 12, 2016, American Omar Mateen committed what has been described as the deadliest terror-related attack since 9/11 and worst mass shooting in modern American history. Mateen told emergency personnel that he pledged his allegiance to ISIS.

Domestic Terrorism

Your business also needs protection against domestic extremist groups whose members might select it as a target to “teach a lesson” to you or others. Security personnel have received special training that helps them to recognize the early signs that your business has become a target and mobilize quickly to deal with threats.

Political Activism

A private security team can help you create protocols to reduce unintentional and intentional damage related to political activism that happens during and after election seasons. Security personnel can provide you with plans to reduce damage caused during protests and manage events that involve vandalism and attacks against people.

Former Employees

A disgruntled former employee can come up with seemingly limitless ways to “get back” at you, including throwing a Molotov cocktail through a window or shooting current employees. A security force can safeguard lives until local law enforcement, firefighters and ambulances arrive.

Angry Others

Anyone really might suddenly turn to violence on your property, including the relatives, friends, lovers, spouses and exes of your current employees. As with violent events involving former employees, dedicated onsite security can help protect people, subdue attackers and provide medical aid.

Carjacking Criminals

Criminals love to attack transport vehicles to steal anything from deposits to people. Trained armed security in a vehicle or on call for rapid response can help prevent financial and human losses.

Onsite Landscaping

Security personnel also know how to detect weak spots around your property where criminals can observe your security measures undetected while planning activities or lay in wait to attack. They can show you these spots and help you plan a more secure layout.

Perimeter Security

Inadequate security at outdoor access points can result in anyone with a grudge accessing your business with weapons. Security patrolling the perimeter can prevent breaches along fences, check for weapons and perform other security measures that block dangerous individuals and groups.

Careless Employees

External threats go beyond physical acts of violence. A careless employee might accidentally leave a door access card or a “logged in” portable business tablet or phone in a public place. Security personnel can provide employees with public security training.

Cyber Criminals

Your security force can work with your IT department to prevent cyber security attacks by showing how common offsite behaviors help criminals gain access to networks. They can also show you poorly secured outdoor areas of your grid where criminals can tap into networks without ever entering a building.

Many more external threats can harm your business and people who trust you with their safety. Call today for more information about these and other methods for improving your security against external threats.