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August 8, 2016
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Top 5 reasons to hire a private security firm for your business

Top 5 reasons to hire a private security firm for your business

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More and more, workplace violence has made the headlines. Places that used to be bastions of safety like cultural institutions and college campuses have become hotbeds for violence. It’s the aware business owner who takes the threat of violence seriously. One logical place to begin is to look into private security firms. Not only do these businesses provide on-site security, many can provide training and awareness programs to help business owners reduce their risk. If you’re thinking about hiring a firm, but still feel undecided, here are five reasons why it’s a good idea to have personal security at your workplace.


  1. Employee and Client Safety


According to the OSHA website, around two million people become victims of workplace violence annually. There are some factors that lend to this type of violence, including work that takes place in an isolated area; time of day; hiring unstable workers; and type of employment position. Much of these factors could be alleviated by hiring a private security firm for the business. Additionally, it’s not just for employees that you should do this. People who frequent your workplace, your customers and clients will be protected, too.


  1. Making Crime More Difficult


According to an article is Psychology Today, people likely to commit crimes have a certain MO. Among the things that would-be criminals look for are easy targets. These are usually people like women or the elderly or people who are isolated. However, more goes into choosing a victim – and experienced criminals do choose their victims – than just the above factors. They also want to see how a person can be manipulated. Or if the would-be victim has some sort of security in place. Security equals a not-so-easy target. In a home environment, it would be a dog who could make a fuss or an alarm system. In the work environment, it’s the surveillance camera and security guard who acts like the deterrent.


  1. And Speaking of Surveillance…


A private security firm will have the tech know-how to set your business up with non-human deterrents like security cameras. And these security features are becoming more and more prevalent in businesses and organizations that you wouldn’t necessarily think of as “at risk” environments.


Naturally, almost every type of business can benefit from having these technologies. And as OSHA points out, much of workplace violence prevention comes down to defining risks for workplace violence. Security cameras, security guards, and security training on the work site are all part of the equation.


  1. Waiting for Help


When workplace violence does occur, there is often a wait time between the incidence and the arrival of help. While police will be called, a security officer in your firm can already set to work in defusing the situation. Many of these workers come to the job as former police officers or military personnel. Whereas you might wait five or 10 minutes for the police to arrive, your on-site guard is right there. Faster response times save lives.


  1. Modern Defense


Let’s face it. Threats like terrorism and active shooters are now part of the business landscape. A private security firm does more than just provide a guard for the door. For example, Frederick Protects offers special services for industries likechemical and petrochemical plants as well as for nuclear facilities and utility companies, which are in some respects inherently more risky targets due to the nature of their businesses.


That said, some of the biggest threats come from the computer screen and not a gun. Cybercrime will continue to play a role in business defense. Untrained employees present the biggest risk when it comes to cybersecurity, according toComputer Weekly. Part of the security company’s job is to not only assess risk, but to also help train personnel in prevention.


Last Thoughts


These days, with so much workplace violence, having a private security firm on-site isn’t a luxury. It’s a business enhancement that lessens workplace violence and helps keep employees safe and well-trained. Most importantly, in some cases, having security personnel prevents violence from happening at all, because the business that has a security system in place is a more difficult target for would-be criminals in the first place.