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August 8, 2016
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Why surveilance isn’t enough to protect your business

Why Surveillance Isn’t Enough to Protect Your Business


While surveillance can help your business stop similar problems occurring repetitively, surveillance generally will not be able to protect your business at the time of a problem. This post will cover some of the ways that hiring a security company can provide additional benefits compared to using only a surveillance system.


Surveillance is an excellent method for management to understand what is occurring at your business. Unfortunately, surveillance is not a strong deterrent at least compared to having security officers on location. Criminals know that most surveillance systems that businesses have will not provide instantaneous access to help, if a problem occurs.
Officers that work for security companies have training in spotting potential problems. There is a chance that a security officer can stop a criminal act in process. If not, the percentage of criminals that will strike a business with a security officer is much smaller than will strike one with only a surveillance system.

Corporate espionage or other serious crimes only take one occurrence to seriously jeopardize a business. Multi-million dollar lawsuits or losing critical intellectual property can occur with one instance; a security company will be able to help prevent a crime or accident from occurring.

Providing a Sense of Safety and Customer Service

A surveillance system does give customers and employees the same sense of security as a security company officer gives. Security officers can reassure customers that transactions at the business will be safe and can help make sure customers do not leave for fear of personal safety. Here are a list of threats that your customers or employees might be fearful of here
Businesses may also retain employees better as the employees will have less safety concerns. Guards can also help direct customers to the right area of the business or store and can help a business or store run smoothly. Guards can send a message to customers that a business takes the safe operation of the business seriously.

Surveillance System Can Break or Not Offer Needed Information

Surveillance systems can break, which will create a situation where there is no information about a crime available. Also, some surveillance systems can be broken easily by criminals, creating a situation where your business would have no security. Blind spots can also occur in surveillance systems that will not allow you to understand how a crime occurred in your business. If you go through some of the most popular surveillance systems at this link you will see that almost all warn of risks of blind spots being created, even with most expensive systems.

Security officers have a lot more ability to react to a dangerous situation and can more accurately relay those results to law enforcement in your area. Security officers can be relied upon to be a reliable source of information for law enforcement to create fixes to crime. Security officers can also help protect your customers from injuries, which can help you avoid lawsuits that could potentially have significant costs. To compare the costs of a security officer vs a surveillance system you can go to

Another issue with using only surveillance is that you will not have a witness or someone to help coordinate a court case. Without help from a security company, local law enforcement will have less ability to win a court case and protect your business. Most security companies also have expertise and knowledge in protecting a wide variety of businesses; an example of a security company that has different plans to protect different types of businesses: